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How do I turn the display round on my monitor?

The display on a monitor can be rotated so that the entire screen appears upside down, or sideways.

Rotating the display has been disabled on public workstations, however you may find that the screen is already rotated. In that case please follow this procedure to turn it back to normal.

To change the display you must:

  • be logged in

  • press the Ctrl and Alt keys together with the following arrow keyboard keys :

    • Normal - Up
    • Rotated 90 degrees - Right
    • Rotated 180 degrees - Down
    • Rotated 270 degrees - Left

If you have administrator privileges on your computer there may be another way of doing it. It depends which graphics card your computer has and the instructions may vary for different makes, although the procedure would be similar. The following instructions are given for a standard university Dell desktop computer.

  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Select Personalize from the menu
  • In the new window select Display Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Select Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver tab
  • Click Graphics Properties
  • Select Display Setting from the new window
  • You can now choose the position and rotation of your display.

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